Our Story

A story always has to begin somewhere, right? But how do you choose one single moment that began a story as big as ours? Was it the moment that we met, freshman year of college? Was it the moment that you said you thought I looked pretty when you passed by me in our dorm the next year? Or was it the moment you looked me in the eyes, your expression both passionate and assured, and told me you loved me?

Maybe there isn’t just one beginning. Maybe a love this strong has many beginnings, defining moments, stages, and changes. Maybe our story will always be a work in progress – the beginning always undefined, the middle always evolving and developing. When I met you, over 6 years ago, I didn’t know you were the one. How could I possibly know the enormity of your heart just by looking at you? It was over time that I realized. It was over time that I understood why the world had brought us together.

I am not going to list words to describe you, for there are no words that would live up to who you are. There are no words that express my love for you, or what I feel when I look at you. Words just aren’t enough.

So instead, I will just say thank you. Thank you for your love, thank you for your loyalty, thank you for being you.

As we write this next chapter of our story, let us stay true to ourselves and be grateful for the gifts we have been and will be given. Let us be each other’s constant in an unpredictable world, but never be too fearful of change. Let us be humble in light of successes, and supportive of each other’s failures. Let us make new friends and treasure old friends. Let us be open to the advice of those willing to give it, and seek guidance when we need it. And, let us remember the importance of family, and their role in making us who we are.

We are narrators of our own story, a story with no ending.

Here’s to the wonderful years to come. I love you.  

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