A Festive Sunday

It’s officially Christmas time. Lights twinkle from otherwise barren trees, Christmas carols play from every storefront, people walk about bundled in scarves, carrying red holiday Starbucks cups. It’s a truly magical time of year. 

When I think of holiday cooking, I think of warm, comforting, hearty dishes – those meant to be eaten out of a bowl while curled up on the couch. I also think of desserts – sweet, rich, guilt-ladden desserts that no one feels bad eating, because hey, it’s Christmas. Probably one of the most iconic dessert of the holidays would have to be gingerbread. The smell of ginger, cinnamon, and cloves just screams Christmas to me. So, today, as I embraced the holiday spirit, I decided to fill my apartment with these comforting smells and bake a gingerbread. 
As all holiday baking should be, gingerbread is truly simple. A traditional cake base of sugar, butter, eggs, and flour, spiced up with warm seasonings and molasses.
And the best part, it is TOTALLY acceptable to enjoy a piece for breakfast. It is bread, after all.
Bake some Christmas in your oven today – I promise you will be happy that you did!
Happy Holidays!

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