Apple Spice Muffins

Apple picking is definitely one of my favorite fall activities. And, let me tell you – that is quite a tall statement considering that pretty much 90% of my favorite activities correspond with fall. 
With this in mind, I’m sure it is no surprise that I have apple picking on my mind the second September hits. Every weekend, I put apple picking as my top priority, and every weekend, life somehow manages to get in the way. Last year for example, after many failed attempts, Henry and I finally managed to get out to an orchard … in November. 
After a beautiful drive through the country, we pulled into the orchards. When I say we were the only car in the parking lot, I mean the only car – with the exception of one lone tractor that had already been retired for the season. 
Bundled in down coats and gloves, we made our way into the store and approached the lady behind the cash register. Feeling giddy – we were finally going apple picking!! – I asked the lady for the largest bag they had available to collect our apples. With a, “good luck” and a smirk, she handed us the bag, almost daring us to be able to fill the thing. 
Now, if you don’t know me – I can be just a tad stubborn. 
Okay, okay. Very stubborn. 
I’m sure the sweet old lady was, in no way, “daring” us to fill the bag. But, to me, she was – and I was going to prove to her that she was WRONG and that there were a TON of apples out there. She’d see!
Henry tagged along as I set out on my mission to find apples. Empty trees, circled by fallen, rotten apples did nothing to discourage my motivation. Finally, I spotted gold. A row of trees covered in ripe green apples. I countered Henry’s skepticism, as he assessed each apple’s mysterious black spots and misshapen bumps, “They’re FINE!! They’re great! I was right, I was right, I was RIGHT! Apple season is NOT over! HA! Take that, old lady!”
We filled that bag like there was no tomorrow. 
Of course the old lady was no where to be found when we returned. 
Oh well.
After returning home, I managed to put those apples to work. Regardless of their less than perfect appearance, I made homemade applesauce, deep dish apple cheddar pie, apple crisp, and Henry’s favorite – apple spice cake. It was all delicious.
This year, we went to that same farm – about a month earlier. Let’s just say that the trees and parking lot looked very different. And, the apples we picked …. were actually attractive.
Here is our first recipe – apple spice muffins. The same delicious cake, in muffin form. 
Moist, dense, with a wonderfully crisp, sugary top. You cannot beat them. Make these today, I promise  you will not be disappointed. 
Apple Spice Muffins
recipe adapted from Martha Stewart’s Apple Spice Cake
follow the directions from this {recipe}
Instead of filling the Bundt pan with the batter, line two standard muffin pans with liners and fill each with a generous 1/4 cup of batter. Sprinkle coarse sugar (Sugar in the Raw or sanding sugar) on top of each and bake at 350 degrees F for about 30 minutes, or until the tops are browned and a toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the middle of a muffin. Let pans cool on wire racks for about 5-10 minutes. Remove muffins and let cool completely on wire racks. Serve toasted with butter for a real treat :). 

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  1. Of all the posts you've made, I would have to say these muffins are the best recipe you've shared. These are completely addicting!

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