rosemary + ginger bourbon sour

rosemary + ginger bourbon sour

This cocktail is both bright and warming – a welcome contrast to the gray days of January. I think it’s delicious with either lemon or grapefruit juice – experiment and see what you prefer. The ratio of ingredients can also easily be adjusted to taste [increase the syrup for a sweeter drink, or the bourbon for a stronger cocktail]. 


ingredients [makes one cocktail]:

1 1/2 shots bourbon

1 shot rosemary ginger simple syrup

3/4 shot freshly squeezed lemon or grapefruit juice

2 sprigs of rosemary

In a cocktail shaker, add bourbon, simple syrup, and citrus juice. Add ice and the leaves from one sprig of rosemary [crush or rip them slightly before adding to release their aroma]. Shake vigorously and strain into a glass with ice. Garnish with remaining sprig of rosemary.


rosemary ginger simple syrup:

1 cup water

1/4 cup sugar

2 sprigs of rosemary

1/2 cup of fresh ginger root [peeled and roughly chopped]

Remove the leaves from the sprigs of rosemary and add to a small saucepan with water, sugar, and chopped ginger. Bring mixture to a boil over high heat, and stir to dissolve sugar (about 30 seconds – 1 minute). Cover, remove from heat and allow to steep for about 30 minutes. Strain and refrigerate until chilled.


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